Chernivtsi region: rescuers eliminated 2

fires in April 15 Hawtin Street. Pushkin was a fire on the bus « Mercedes & raquo ;. As the bus was on the yard ’ her apartment locals, there is the likelihood of transfer of heat in a house located near and car. People immediately reportedPeople's fire rescue service. For 4 minutes after the call came on the scene once the guard of the State Fire and Rescue unit number 7 in Hawtin. Rescuers in minutes the fire under control, preventing the spread of flame ’ i. Further fire was extinguished. The fire damaged the interior and engine compartment of the bus. Soldiers DSNSsaved from the destruction of a house and a car. There were no injuries. On the same day in Vyzhnytsia dry grass fire occurred in an open area. Rescuers Vyzhnytsia city and local fire brigade Ispas village eliminated the fire. The fire destroyed the dry grass in the area of ??4 hectares. The dead and injured there. Press Service of Ukraine UDSNSin Chernivtsi region