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Televyzyonny channel STS

Modern peace, peace, Speed, sumatohy, rhythm. Where is All-speshat, behut, suetyatsya, slovno boyatsya something not uspeyut Set cheho something, Where some opozdayut, dumayut, something in life upustyat vazhnoe something, something will pass storonoy life and ??? ostanutsya snaruzhy and WILL nablyudat for tym yzdaleka process. Such pozytsyya such rhythm of life and noteverybody should pod force, here why we have so many podrostkovh suytsydov, depressyy and stressful. And here and News else, something not posmotrysh, all bad, well, we neuzhely Nothing horosheho not happening? Here why in our profession of psychologist Days Very vostrebovana, upon the show, something ta life not only Seraiah Or chernaya, and there is something prekrasnoe and chudesnoe.Sozdavaya channel STS, founders tozhe reshyly dat Only pozytyvchyky, vstupaya in rolls psychologists, boryas s negative. STS - channel for razvlechenyy, and it was true Enough with us and bad news about seryalov bandytov, mainly on rasschytan molodezhnuyu audience. Here already soon 20 years this channel, and populyaren on NOW, and all ottoho, something 24 hours indaryt smeh day and ??????. Way, View your channel online, You can visit: Same malenkye mogut View your lyubyme cartoons, and co Meaning, introduces okruzhayuschyy s in the world. For young people here naydutsya molodezhne seryal, Scenes kotorh IZ realnoy life, here and smotrysh straight vydysh, something tacos That was the village you in school, unyverSatisfied Or somewhere on the street. But top pozytyva- This is, of course, the same show "Uralskye dumplings" s s s prybautkamy joke. Here smotrysh and not perestaesh udyvlyatsya, something people vskrvayut vices all Most plohoe, and somehow so with humor, not obydno. If true Adoption, something smeh prodlevaet life, the CTC channel prodlyl not have one, so something prysoedynyaytes, posmotryte Channel Online and Make a vvod- all Very klassno!