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Vinnitsa police again went to the front (+ photos)

Twelfth squad Vinnitsa police officers, soldiers battalions "Vinnitsa" and "Vinnitsa 2" went to the East of the country. The police change their colleagues during the month served in a combat zone. Another unit employees Vinnytsia police went to the area of ??counter-terrorismoperation. 170 police officers will carry out various tasks assigned ATO headquarters. Among the key - the protection of public order and of roadblocks. To law enforcement officials asked the first deputy head of the Vinnytsia Police Jury Pedos: "The main task facing you - this is the fight against subversive groups, protection of the state and itscitizens. We believe in what you honorably fulfill all tasks and come back alive, healthy and unharmed. " He also noted that every policeman who is sent to defend the country is fully equipped - uniforms, protective ammunition and special means. Before leaving policemen assigned to the zone ATO, blessedabbot of the temple of the Holy Great Dmitry Thessalonica Father Sergius. Conduct and support law enforcement people came, colleagues, friends and leaders of Vinnytsia police. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration