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In the Zhytomyr region police detained zvyahelski "star" detective genre

Not even knowing it, a resident Novograd Volyn region became the protagonist of short films about alien abduction of things by car. However, instead of world fame, involved in the shooting turned to his criminal liability. Asa short gain fame and wake up the next day known now know 25-year-old Zvyahelschyny, who himself without knowing it, he took part in shooting a short film Detective Film genre. On that day a man was in the parking lot near one of the district center markets. Looked long, so as not to attract any superfluous inweight. Therefore, selecting first got the car, the owner of which went to the store to shop, opened the door with a crowbar and a few minutes by car obchystyv, seizing DVR, battery and jack. The owner of the stolen vehicle estimated at more than a thousand and called police. - Investigative team Novograd VolynGorotdel first arrived at the parking lot and performed the necessary immediate action likely to prompt the crime - says Sergey district police chief Ryaboshapka. - At the open by this fact criminal proceedings, police officers, among other things, removed from trade school records from external cameras videospostrezhennI, through which was quickly identify the attacker. Although short detective film became popular only in narrow circles of law enforcement officers and other stakeholders glory did not pass the protagonist. The police quickly upiznaly it known, by the way, a number of other similar criminal films with his participation. Find "star" youmanifest simple: the glory suddenly found his residence. By car stolen from other people with things people did managed to get rid of. Where exactly, investigators now set as part of "stars" detective genre in other similar criminal histories. After the preliminary investigation opened by 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of UkraineWith short films and a number of other evidence and judges familiar. However, people ovation hardly wait, instead, under current legislation, "fee" for it can be a payment of a fine, community or remedial work, semiannual arrest or imprisonment for up to three years. Olga Nomerchuk, SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraineyiny Zhytomyr region, reportedly Novograd Volyn CF MIA