Zhytomyr: a day in the field found 12 artillery shells and 1

bomb During the last days in three districts of the region were found explosive devices. The most dangerous discovery was found near the village of s. Rakivschyna Ovruchsky area. The head of the local agricultural society inspected the field and saw that some of the land is seenlarge suspicious object. Coming closer, he suggested that the finding is similar to the bomb. Do not delay, people informed the rescue service « 101 & raquo ;. Experts DSNS who came to the place, call a suspicious object identified as 15-kilogram aerial bomb (AO-15) during the last war. Also 7 Munitionswas found in Radomyshlskaya area. In particular, in the village. Verlok – one anti-tank mines and two 76-millimeter artillery shells you. Another 4 identical artillery shells found directly in Radomyshle. In both cases of young people got into the woods to rest. Oblashtovuyuchy place for kindling the fire, they dug suspicious knowshidky that could be dangerous. Tempt fate moons did not, and immediately informed experts. There « yield » was the day for the village. Bekhy Korostensky district. There's a local rescue was reported identifying 6 artillery shells caliber 120 mm munitions. Farmers came across these munitions alsonear the forest. All team found ammunition fireworks destroy works soon. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/