Volyn region, rescuers trained for action in case of emergency managers and representatives of one of the most potentially dangerous enterprises of the region

April 14 at the LLP “ Volyn-grain product ” rescuers trained on civil protection. The company is one of naybilshyh in the area of ??multi-industrial complexes, which produces wheat, different types of feed and Forage mixture. Employees such a large potentially dangerous object Liabilities ’ Knitted comply not only of fire, technological security, but also committed ’ Knitted be prepared for tasks in a particular period. After all, withibranosti and accurate algorithm of their actions depend life is not one person. That's why the village Tereshkivtsi Horokhiv staff management DSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region at the founding meeting held collective information-devel ’ yasnyuvalnu work with training about ’ facility fire safety rules and actions in the case nadzvychaythese situations. Employees of many branches about ’ facility from the regional center Rozhysche city, town Senkevychivka, villages and Zvinyache Tereshkivtsi Horokhiv, villages turf Kivertsy district and village Lukiv Turiysk district, town Mills Rivne region listened lecture. Rescuers in detail described the procedure for notification and evacuationPeople named place of shelter during a possible occurrence of hostilities, emphasized the rules of conduct in identifying hazardous or suspicious objects, when explosives familiar to equip people things: toys, candy and bottles of drinks, and more. Speech was accompanied by informative videos DSNS Ukraine social area:&Laquo; Acts population in detecting explosive device or suspicious object & raquo ;, « public notification in emergencies & raquo ;, « What if you found a suspicious object & raquo ;, « Caution! The terrorist threat & raquo ;. And to the real situation a person is not confused, unable to fully master your pageoh and get out of an emergency, protect yourself with life and his neighbor, told DSNS workers on how to provide first person domedychnoyi assistance. They also demonstrated a special dummy how to check for signs of life, spending cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to stop bleeding from a wound. Many participants inyyavyly desire to reinforce your knowledge into practice and carried out the rescue resuscitation on a mannequin life. Finally there were able to see firsthand explosive weapons from World War II - pyrotechnics DSNS demonstrated basic training samples Munitions, artillery shells, mines and grenades,who often have to seek out the Volyn region. UDSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region