Chernigov: Carriers of funeral days work for the previous

tariffs in Chernihiv on funeral days 19-20 April carriers operate under previous rates. This was during a city-wide meeting in the City Council said Mayor Alexander Sokolov. According to him, the initiative voiced carriers. They own applicationsOr the willingness few days, regardless of court decisions, work on preliminary fares, although their value is not economically justified. "Remembering relatives who are not with us - it is our duty and totally correct thing" - said O.Sokolov. Head of Transport and Communications of the City Council Vladimir Voronin voiced again withMines in the public transport on funeral days. Most public transport regional center will be changed to ensure the supply of Chernihiv to the current cemetery Yatsevo and private cemeteries in Yalivschyni and on the street. Starobilouskiy. According to V. Voronin, all issues to ensure the movement of people and transport in the area naybilshoho city cemetery Yatsevo worked in operation. Irina Synelnyk