Chernigov: Prospects become protracted housing

erect buildings in Chernihiv PJSC "Domobudivnyk" not completed due to bankruptcy, the company will "UkrSiverBud." Told reporters Mayor Alexander Sokolov. According to him, the "UkrSiverBudom" executive committee Chernihiv City Council signed a contract assignment, ieheld at debt assignment. "Aval" should consider withdrawal of mortgage unfinished buildings. On account of the executive committee of the City Council the company has transferred 4.7 million. USD. As explained by the mayor, the fate of funds should be resolved at the government level. A letter sent to the Ministry of Regional Development, constructingers and Housing Ukraine. "The money is. The damage state is not applied. Will the funds returned to state whether they purchased apartments at Chernobyl, MRDC decide" - he said. In addition, O.Sokolov said he hopes to bring to justice people guilty of apartments for victims of the Chernobyl accident have not been Collectionudovani - the former head of JSC "Domobudivnyk" and individuals who have contributed to it. April 16, a meeting of creditors Board of JSC "Domobudivnyk". Proper construction will start after the approval of the rehabilitation plan investors, creditors, "Aval" and the court. Note: In 2012, the company "Domobudivnyk" City Council donated 4.7 million. USD. dlI buy apartments liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, but no company has built apartments, and money is not returned, and now is under bankruptcy. The contract for the purchase of apartments concluded under the State program "Housing citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster." Under this agreement was prydbabut property rights to real estate (at construction of residential apartment buildings on the street. Andrusenko between the streets Krasnosel'skii and Independence - the second phase of construction, residential building 2). According to the flight schedules of construction works, PJSC "BC" Domobudivnyk "involved expiry Construction montazhnyh work in November 2012. The letter stated the company an opportunity to build and put into operation housing to 31 December 2012. Subsequently, the company went bankrupt, the house is not completed and homeless citizens. Irina Synelnyk