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In Khmelnytsky April 15 - World Day of environmental awareness

Annually, worldwide, April 15, celebrating the Day of environmental awareness. In 1992, at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro to discuss environmental issues was emphasized great importance of environmental education of the population of all countries in the implementation strategy of survivaland human development. The main purpose of today's feast - to promote environmental awareness and formation of ecological culture of the population, information about the environment, and education and training citizen, able to think environmentally. In Ukraine, this holiday is celebrated since 1996. Thus, in our country, environmentaland education and training becomes the priorities of educational institutions. In turn, employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration problems are not excluded from school environmental education. For the third consecutive year, environmentalists give lessons on environmental topics with students of primary and serednih grade school regional center. In environmental lessons children learn about environmental problems of our country, hold discussions on the conservation of natural resources and learn to appreciate and protect what nature gave us. During the school year, experts in ecology lessons conducted in 37 schools. The information was