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In Khmelnytsky address pressing issues ATU members - an important task today

participants solving urgent problems of the antiterrorist operation in eastern Ukraine is one of the most pressing issues of our time. This task should be under strict control of local authorities and the public. Head Chemerovets'kyi rayderzhadministratsiyi Stakhurska Alexander met with ATU soldiers who are in rotation and with members of military families. Alexander S., communicating with them, interested in issues that concerned this category of citizens and promised personal support in solving them. The reason for the meeting was positive solution in the area of ??piTanna on land allocation to participants ATO as one of the types of benefits. With the support of the leadership of executive authority area and love Derzhzemahenstva Chemerovetsky area in the first 7 combatants living in Chemerovechchyni have the opportunity to exercise their right to obtain the ownership of land for personalO - farm. During the assembly head executive presented the edge order of the Derzhzemahenstva in Khmelnitsky region for the development of land use. Head Derzhzemahenstva in Chemerovetsky area Nazaruk Denis described the procedure for legalization of property rights to land and Reportsoaps for a list of additional documents required for this process. Head Chemerovets'kyi RSA Alexander Stakhurska also zaktsentuvav attention ATO fighters and members of military families that they will be reduced development cost of land use. At the end of officials thanked the soldiers for the shown Decemberomadyansku position conscientious performance of his patriotic duty. Mothers and wives of servicemen present at the meeting, in turn, expressed gratitude to the district for the attention and care of their loved ones. The information was