By the end of April last charity event "Ternopil - defenders of Ukraine"

We have already collected 376 000 965 hryvnia. By the action joined more than 100 utility companies, institutions and the regional council. On the collected funds will purchase all the necessary applications for managers of troops in Ternopil participating incounter-terrorism operation in the Donbas. Expenses funds collected will be submitted detailed information on the official website of Ternopil Regional Council and in other media. Basil Hominets thanks to everyone who has joined the campaign and calls on other institutions and organizations to support the Ukrainian military. Recall charity event held by initsiatyvy head of the regional council of Basil Homintsya. This fundraiser for the needs of defenders Ukraine took place last fall. Then collected 686 000 287 hryvnia. A detailed report on the expenditure of funds published on the website of the Regional Council - This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council