In the Zhytomyr region, "We should give full attention to prophylactic measures to prevent fires in natural ecosystems" - Star Shkiryak

April 14, chaired by performing required ’ yazky leader of DSNS Star Shkiryak board meeting was held with heads of departments and local services. During the meeting,were discussed rapid response units DSNS to emergencies throughout Ukraine, especially during the Easter holidays. Also, special attention was paid to the elimination of the consequences of bad weather that raged for April 6-8 in Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson regions. For instance, in Odesa regionearly storm of fire and rescue service 59 times went on liquidation of consequences of weather conditions. During this time, rescuers pumped more than 300 thousand. M3. Also, operational and rescue services are involved in clearing roads of fallen trees. &Ldquo; DSNS Departments have made every effort to minimize as much as possible and shvydshelikvidcomply with the effects of the weather. We coped well with all emergencies during the Easter holidays. I thank rescuers for operational activities on the ground and clear response & rdquo ;, - said the head DSNS Zorian Shkiryak. In addition, given the growing number of fires in natural ecosystems, star Shkiryak gave a number of assignments leaders territorial claimidrozdiliv on the prevention of the emergence of this kind of fire. &Ldquo; I commend the leaders of central departments and departments of our services to strengthen cooperation with local authorities to protect the population from fires in natural ecosystems, to monitor this kind of fire. In addition, should contact the regional administrations with a proposal centuriesedennya temporary restrictions on in ’ Congress to forests in fire period. Particular attention should be paid to preventive measures is to prevent the population of fires in natural ecosystems. I personally oversee this process and the level of execution of orders. We must continue to work productively to prevent optiyschennya fire forest plantations and, above all, to teach people the culture of behavior in forests & rdquo ;, - said Zorian Shkiryak. Press office DSNS Ukraine