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New Section: the fire affected five people, including two children

April 14 at 23:30 to the rescue was reported in the fire. A new section on the street. Stus 2 on the 9th floor of a 9-storey residential building in the hallway between the two apartments. For 5 minutes arrived at the scene first fire and rescue units. In the cityoment arrival rescue fire spread into residential apartments. The fire two children, 2006 and 2000 birth, and a man born in 1975, poisoned by combustion products. Two more victims were burned shoulder and upper limb 1st degree, and also poisoned by combustion products. The fire was able to completely eliminate at 00:07. Fromdestruction by fire rescued 4 apartments. The fire destroyed an area of ??common corridor 4 sqm, 2 door in the apartment, cut off the hallway and the kitchen ceiling in one of the apartments. The victims were hospitalized in the city hospital in Novorozdilsku medium condition. The cause of the fire and the amount of damages set.