In Rivne village council officials illegally "distributed" land worth more than half a million hryvnia

of the prosecution of Rivne take drastic measures to detect corruption offenses in all spheres of public relations. In particular, the criminal scheme "theft" of land fraud by officials of the former government officiallys documents found during inspections carried prosecutors in one of the districts. ? It is established that officials of one of village councils Rivne region, in flagrant violation of legal requirements, during 2006-2010 years forged and published a number of excerpts from the village council decision on the transfer to private ownership to citizens 31 ZemoElnya land with total area of ??7.3 hectares for the construction and maintenance of farm buildings and structures near the district center? This was told Deputy Prosecutor Andrew Borovik Rivne region. ? Subsequently, based on extracts from sham-making councils, which is actually not considered these issues and appropriate decisions were not takenb, was illegally produced technical documentation on land management to establish land boundaries in nature. As a result of criminal dealings with the ground state suffered damage amounting to over half a million USD. On this fact the prosecutor's offices Rivne region initiated preliminary inquiry under Part. 2, Art. 364 (abuse of power that chrychynylo grave consequences) and ch. 1, Art. 366 (forgery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which is mandated to conduct the police. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office