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In Iraq and Syria shelled positions militants grouping "Islamic state"

In Iraq and Syria Air Force coalition, led by the US, caused airstrikes on positions of militants radical group « Islamic State & raquo ;. In particular, Iraq held 9 airstrikes in Syria – 8. It is reported. Byapplication coalition in Syria managed to shot position near Coban militants and al-Hasaka, Iraq – near Mosul, Fallujah and Baiji. In grouping « Islamic State » this information is not yet confirmed. Earlier this week, militants in Iraq « Islamic State » renewed offensive against the government forces in response to the intention of the IPakskoyi government to regain control of Anbar province. In Syria, Adventure « Islamic State » undermined the Christian church on April 5, when Western Christians celebrated Easter obradu. Earlier, representatives of the radical group kidnapped more than 200 community members Christian Assyrians in northeastern Syria. Extremisticgroup « Islamic State » operates in several countries; in particular, it captured large areas in Iraq and in Syria, where in 2011, continuing armed conflict. In Syria extremists « Islamic State » and fighting against the Syrian government and the armed opposition against it – and moderate and less radical Islamist.