Passage in urban buses in Lutsk

hryvnia is three members of the executive committee of the City Council adopted a decision that is from February 20, 2015 tariffs for transportation per passenger buses on city routes for general use in normal traffic ­ Three local currency. For school-age children from 6 to 14 yearsfare buses on city routes will be 1.00 UAH per trip per passenger. Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev said that the city government of such a move prompted numerous requests carriers. Previously this issue thoroughly studied, there was passenger survey. The proposed new rate of hryvnia has 3 Dntabelnist only 5%. Funds for travel will be almost entirely spent on fuel, maintenance and does not cover the cost to upgrade vehicles. Luck last among cities in Ukraine raised the fare to 3 USD. His arguments for improving expressed fare carriers. They told me that the price of spare parts increased utrychi. If the cost of fuel per liter will be more than 20 USD, will make new settlements, or transportation for them to be unprofitable. They also noted that in Lutsk better quality than in other cities. As an example, they cited the city of Chernivtsi, where the bus runs about 15 minutes, while we have this time period vsjofirst 2-5 minutes This was reported in Lutsk City Council