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In the Rivne region pyrotechnics successfully defused a grenade F-1 World War II

April 11 by a group of pyrotechnic works DSNS Main Directorate in Rivne region was successfully disposed of a grenade F-1 during the Second World War, was found in Rivne on the sidelines roads on vul.Dubenskiy. Dear citizens! Ontime of excavation Be vigilant and cautious, because explosive remnants can be found everywhere where the fighting took place, in the field and gardens in the woods and parks, rivers and ponds, buildings and basements, on former landfills, and especially watch out for children, warn them about the dangers of which is the simple, at first glance, CMMAtoki old metal. If you find a suspicious object resembling ammunition must immediately notify the nearest is executive authority, eg rural (city) council, district police officer, fire and rescue service DSNS Telephone « 101 & raquo ;. If you find Munitions categorically zaboronyayetsya, take their hands, put on his punches, to attempt to disassemble or move from place to place, throw them into a fire or flame breed over it ’ I collect and take them as scrap. Pam ’ Yatai is better to prevent disaster than to eliminate its consequences. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region