Donetchina: Blast grenades hospitalized 6 people

After grenade at a cafe in Druzhkivka Donetsk Region 6 people were injured, according to the Regional Police Department. It is reported. &Laquo; suffered two men aged 36 and 25 years and four girls aged 20 to 23 years. Established that an unemployed resident DruzhkivkaWhile in a state of strong alcoholic ch ’ yaninnya, took out of his pocket and pulled out a grenade check. Then, frightened, threw it aside cafe, where it exploded & raquo ;, – the Interior Ministry said. According to law enforcement, victims of fragmentation wounds was taken to hospital. The Interior Ministry reported the arrest of 20-year-old local Mieszkoantsya who threw this grenade. Man charged under Article 296 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine – &Laquo; & raquo ;, hooliganism which provides HC ’ yaznennya 3 to 7 years.