Volyn police support families countrymen that defending the eastern regions of Ukraine

In a time when men and children took up the challenge "undeclared war" and the first wave of mobilization began with arms on the front lines with their problems and domestic troubles with anxiety at the heart of their relatives stayed home. Much of Volyns law enforcement officers have repeatedly visited the area of ??ATO, so understands the importance of support in this difficult time the family who honorably perform a civic duty. So do not stay aside this problem employees Manevychi local police precinct. The campaign "sincerely", initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine,??? visited the families of mobilized fellow. Senior local policeman Victor Svitach, after consulting the Horaymivskym village head Anatoly SNITKO decided first of all to help those residents who find themselves without any support. They visited the home of Svetlana Pashchuk Horaymivka resident of the village, whose son is over ten months Categoriesand advanced. Now the woman is extremely difficult, given the fact that in rural areas the brunt of farming lies on strong shoulders, long absence in the house of a man's hand is very noticeable. So, in addition to goodies that police had brought with him, a woman helped in domestic affairs. - I am grateful for the assistance and care shown by. It's niceand that the police are interested in our lives and the fate of my son - said the woman, and finally adds: - In the spring we will build a cattle, I think that contacting law enforcement, I do not refuse to help. Not paid attention and villager Square-Lypnenskyy 71-year-old Adam Zabedyuka. Retired from home is looking forward to her son, who passagdit long-term treatment and rehabilitation of health facilities in the city, because the battle was seriously injured by the explosion of a grenade. Grandpa police brought products also - helped to cope with considerable economy. Adam F. extremely touched arrival, after police met with her husband in the fall, when together with villageim head resolved the issue of providing retiree firewood for the winter. Horaymivskyy village head Anatoly Snitko endorses and supports the following steps are always the police: - I am grateful for the close cooperation of law enforcement in helping our residents. At the district inspector strive to help people without expecting any instructions or written letters. Cami learn about their needs and problems ourselves in their place and decide. Helping much as we can, both materially and morally. People appreciate it and thank you. In turn local policeman Victor Svitach said: - The advanced mobilized many men from villages belonging to my station in the area ATO go and my colleagues - pravoohorontsi. We, therefore, district police officers, in every way trying to help their families, as well know how difficult it is to be alone worries and experiences. Law enforcement officials claim they are ready to lend a helping hand and provide reliable rear of native countrymen that defending the eastern regions of Ukraine. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine In Volynthe second region