Ivano-Frankivsk region, on fire, killing two people

Not all Carpathian villages bright day of Christ's resurrection brought the desired peace and happiness. From April 12th relentless fire claimed two lives. On the night of April 12 at a yard in the village Dytyatyn Galician region flared economic complex. Misfortune happened at 2:18 h.The fire destroyed the roof of the building in the area of ??85 square meters, trees ’ volved barn wall space, damaged household goods summer kitchen, 2 tons of hay and much more. And it seems trivial compared with the worst loss: the place of fire found the body of 49-year-old owner of the yard. All, unfortunately, indicates that natural death is guilty peopleOvik: the cause of the tragic fire is careless use of fire died while smoking. April 12 about 11:13 hours. in the village Pechenizhyn Kolomiyskogo area there was a fire in the room of a house. The fire damaged a living room, window and door openings, destroyed household goods. In place of the fire found the body of 62-year-old owner. Vryatof Old house. The preliminary cause of fire – careless handling of fire while smoking killed. Management DSNS in