Life of Jesus Christ was similar to today's immigrants living in Ukraine -

priest Taking the image on the Shroud of Turin and the most famous icons, the scientists recreated the likely appearance of Jesus Christ - rather dark, strong physique, height - 1.72 meters. Instead, religious scholars, researchers living Son of God, have tried to describe it extutrishniy portrait. It is said that Jesus was very sociable and its main feature - he could feel when a person is ill. This is stated in the story of the project « Historical Truth » (Every Sunday at 22:30, Thursdays at 22:00 on Channel ZIK). As for the appearance of Jesus Christ, according to vice-rector of the Lviv Orthodox Theological Academendemy, Archpriest Michael Sivak, it is fully consistent with the traditions of the time: « at that time the Jewish tradition, the men wore beards. And as a Nazarite, that a man who earnestly serve God, Jesus had long hair, because not stryhlysya of Nazareth. Also in Christ were very clear, clear eyes & raquo ;. Jesus was very sociable, notshunned noisy companies. This is testimony to the Gospel. For example, tells how Christ went to a wedding in the town of Cannes Hallileyska. &Laquo; Wedding – This is a human event that the County ’ connected with dancing, singing, with the use of wine, – commented on. Andrew Nahirnyak. &Ndash; It turns out that Joshua – This was not somethingstranger. Jesus doyednavsya the wedding, showing that what God – human joys, is not something unimportant or bad. Christ said: « Let the kids do not let pass by, let them amuse themselves here & raquo ;. But the lifestyle of Jesus did not fit in the then rules, he had no wife, my own house, lived very modestly. &Laquo; Christ was always Sulfuretc. People slept where he was admitted, ate, enabled people & raquo ;, – said Bishop Evangelical Christian Church of Lviv, a former dissident religious Basil Boechko. &Laquo; It is similar to people who are now very much in Ukraine. This internal migrants. Christ was also immigrants, who in no time with his familyhad to flee to Egypt, and then was able to return home & raquo ;, – drew a parallel about. Andrew Nahirnyak. All free time Christ traveled and promoted Christian teaching. &Laquo; Christ felt empathic state of mind of another person, he felt her pain, – said renowned psychotherapist, teacher UCU Oleg Romanchuk. &Ndash; What did he robone's? Jesus had compassion and touched the patient's hand. He said: « I'll heal & raquo ;, – or something else. He just touch his hand, as if beckoned: « I know how you are and I do not vidchuzhuyus from you. I accept you & raquo ;. Told