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Khmelnytsky region, per day firefighters eliminated 4 fires in economic structures

April 10 at 15:55 at the point called ’ communication 6th State Fire and Rescue parts of the city. Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsky received a report of a fire in the auxiliary building in the village . Kizya Kudrinetske stone ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk district. Called the owner, who MessageSee on fire. Before firefighters arrived the scene of the State Emergency Services, which fire area of ??20 square meters. m localize at 16:32, eliminated at 16:38. The fire damaged coverage and overlap, household items and doors. Firefighters managed to save from destruction by fire room facilities. The likely cause of the fire – neoberereaps the use of fire Already at 22:05 on the item called ’ communications 22nd State Fire and Rescue parts of town. Yarmolyntsi fire was reported economic buildings on the street. Kotsyubinskogo with. Buyvolivtsi. About the event to the Rescue « 101 » Neighbors reported. Immediately place to call rescuers arrived Yarmolynechchyny that firearea of ??12 square meters. m. localized at 22:33, eliminated at 22:40. Through efficient and professional actions of firefighters prevented the spread of fire is next to a house. The fire damaged ceiling and cover an area of ??12 sq. m .. The likely cause of the fire – violation of fire safety in the operation of pichnoho heating. April 11 at Doroshenko lane in the village. Radauti Derazhniansky area there was a fire in the auxiliary building. At 1:38 to Rescue « 101 » called the owner when I noticed the fire in the attic of the building. Firefighters 28th State Fire and Rescue post quickly came to the scene. The fire area of ??12 square meters. m was lokalizovano at 1:54 liquidated at 2:03. The fire destroyed the coverage and overlap an area of ??12 sq. m .. The likely cause of the fire – short circuit. ACCIDENTS fires were not. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast