Telephone fraudsters could not deceive uzhhorodok

Under the pretext of "solving the issue" to the relatives who allegedly committed the offense and are in police crooks trying to deceive two uzhhorodok and resident of Rivne region. In fairy tales scams women do not believe money is not transferred. Instead contacted the family and asked to Uzhhorodskoho Gorotdel police. The first report to Uzhgorod Gorotdel police came from 47-year-old resident of the city. The woman said that her cell phone rang unknown man, friends introduced her son and said that last hit the police after a fight. And for dispute resolution is necessary to transfer 6000 USD Set it to a bank account. An hour later the police came to Gorotdel another similar message. 34-year-old primary school teacher from one school Uzhgorod told law enforcement that she was unknown citizen called and said that her husband went to the police and urgently need $ 20,000. Another itemovidomlennya came from 55-year-old inhabitant of Rivne region, which currently is in cases in Uzhgorod. In conversation with the police man said that an unknown man tried to steal from his 74-year-old mother 2000 hryvnia. It was found that about 3 am on a mobile phone call from a stranger and an old messageSee that her son allegedly hit the police and neprytyahnennya for him to justice immediately to recalculate the 2000 hryvnia. Fortunately, all three women did not believe in the history of rogues devised. The money they are told, and contacted his family and found that those all right and no problems. Dear citizens! Please do notrespond to such calls from strangers. Do not trust the information provided by strangers on a cell phone. Pay attention to the number from which you are calling. Always check the information, ask as many questions and record the data of the person who is calling you. Call 102 and proceed according to the instructions of Dutyth. And most importantly - contact with your family and ask if they are good. Information Uzhhorod MB MIA