Transcarpathian police tracked down 13-year-old runaway from home

13-year-old grandmother fled tyachivets in which lives to visit a friend in Mukachevo. Mother seventh graders working abroad, so raising the student almost no one does. Late in Mukachevo Gorotdel police officers called the city bus station.They reported that the bus goes through the territory of a guy. At the station came the criminal police for children. It was found that 13-year-old native of Vladimir s.Hrushevo Tiachiv area. The boy left the house early in the morning, got Mukachevo where providav villagers, who is studying at a local orphanage. Visit to Murocking delayed, student and did not have time for a bus that goes to Tiachiv. Or did not want to go back home ... And now looking for a place for the night. Fitted to the people in uniform and ask where you can spend the night. In Gorotdel where they brought the child, the child-seventh graders said that living with his grandmother. To have a guy working abroad in the Czech Republic. Dodom getting rare. So raising a child almost no one does. Volodya first time running away from home. The police told his grandson about Tiachiv grandmother, but she did not want to take him home. So police staged a fugitive to the orphanage in smt.Batyevo Berehiv area. For 90 days, while the teenager will be supported whereState, resolved the question of whether his return in the family or transfer to other institutions. Information Mukachevo CF MIA