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Uzhgorod Gorotdel police calls on citizens to care about the safety of their property during Easter

Easter Holiday, many hold outside the city. So the police asks Uzhgorod attend before you go on the protection of their property. Unfortunately, despite numerous warnings of law enforcement in the territory of the regional center claimrodovzhuyut occur negligent facts relevant to the conservation of their own property. This helps attackers, and they committed criminal assault on property of citizens. We remind you that the preservation of property depends primarily on the owners. Shut windows and vents, especially when living on the top floor or ground, or in apartments, located nearfire ladders and extensions. Equip doors secure locks and bars. Do not leave valuables at home or large sums of money. It should be remembered that there is no thief locks. So we should always see to it that the rent was constant surveillance by neighbors and friends. Do not underestimate their property. If you have something to lose, the bettersave it. Do not get lost in case of danger. We are always ready to help you! Our phones are working around the clock: once Uzhgorod MIA MB - 102, 61-43-46. Information Uzhhorod MB MIA