In Lutsk Nicholas Romaniuk thanked all those who contributed to the art project "Easter Workshop"

the participation of Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk and Head of Culture Tatiana Gnativ was summing up creative project "Easter workshop", whose implementation began 20 March. It is within 19 artists performed a master clusterCLI with Easter eggs, beading, clay modeling, decoupage wooden Easter eggs, Easter egg production of wool products with hay, souvenirs from felt like. Participation in these children were socially vulnerable, who are registered in the city center of social services for families, children and young people (including children ATO members and immigrants). Charitablesecond workshop held with Easter eggs and for children from the city. Volnovakha staying in Lutsk. Opening the event, Head of Culture Tatiana Gnativ noted that the organizers of the project is the Department of Culture of the City Council, the NGO "Volyn Rukotvory" Folk Artists in partnership with the city center of social services for families, children, etc.and youth. "By implementing this project, we wanted to reach as many children who are registered at the center of social services for families, children and youth. And we did it. 19 Folk Artists charitable conducted workshops. This project like adults and children. Eve we were crowded. Some of you can claimobachyty the exhibition. This joint works of masters and children "- she said. Words of gratitude to the artists who participated in the project "Easter Workshop" heard from the lips Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. He noted that together have managed to implement several projects for Christmas. "Christmas and Easter workshops have significant cofavor, because they preserve and revive our traditions. Masters found new fans, new students. Invested his work in children learn from you. That you have made them a little happier gave good emotions. This is probably one of the few moments that will remain in the memory of children for life. Thank you for this, "- he said. Nicholas RoeManyuk noted that children with Volnovakha city of Donetsk region, which are now in Lutsk, participated in a master class with Easter eggs and when he met with them, I saw their emotions. "They told me enthusiastically about everything. The children were happy demostruvaly eggs made with his own hands. I saw in their eyes an incredible joy "- extraAB mayor. He believes that many young people who came to the workshops, mentors grateful. He said that the city government will continue to work with the masters of folk art as part of new projects. "May your God with all handsomely returns good work you have invested in the education of children. Your continued our tradition. Welcome tosih Easter "- Mayor wished. Also Mykola Romaniuk handed Folk Artists Special thanks Mayor and gratuities. And children are active participants in the project, presenting prepared for the project work also received special awards management culture with his hands head Tatiana Gnativ. For intimeers event staff "Volyn zabavlyanky" Lutsk music school number 2 performed the musical and artistic composition. Note. To participate in the "Easter Workshop" masters joined Dovgalyuk Natalia, Bondaruk Andrew Ko?skie Faith, Julia Bogdanova, Yakymovych Valentine Kurban Svetlana Porohnavets Julia, PUS Valentine Filozof Anatoly Berezovsky OlAisne, Veher Tatiana Kulakovsky Alexander, Yurchak Galina, Solodova Valentine Leusova Dean Smolyarchuk Victoria Lenartovych Valery, Singer Yulia and Lena Kulik. This was reported in Lutsk City Council