Volynjany got in an accident in a stolen vehicle ... By Luck

law enforcement officers with a statement of hijacking turned 30-year-old local resident. It turned out that old "Mercedes" was in the yard of the applicant. The car owner is almost sold, but the buyer has paid for not by car the entire amount, so the owner parked the car nearhome to the full repayment of the debt. However, the "buyer" decided not to delay, so together with friends, stole "purchased" the car. Away escape Dodgers failed. Near the village Smolyhiv Lutsk region daredevils not cope with control and overturned in a ditch. Due to an accident two young men were injured, hospitalized in the Hospitalth. Law enforcement officers found that a criminal offense committed by two residents of the regional center in 1986 and born in 1992 In fact the car theft police opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 289 (unlawful appropriation of a vehicle) and by ch. 1, Art. 286 (Violation of traffic safety or operation of transport personwe who are driving) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Continues pre-trial investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region