Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region appeals to citizens to safety rules during Easter Easter

– one of the biggest Christian holidays. All Christians prepared for the holidays, but despite all the preparation, do not forget about safety rules. In fact, statistics show that cases of firesfrequent it on weekends and holidays. Long-fire analysis gives reason to believe that the main cause of fires are human negligence. The greatest danger of creating the very people the safety of their behavior. Not to overshadow a holiday, follow the rules of safe use of fire, be especially careful with candles. In particular, thisparticular, need to wake very careful with candles during worship when believers go en masse to the temples. The slightest negligence or carelessness of people can cause fire, which can lead to tragic consequences. So before you throw out a candle, make sure it is not burning. Also, do not block the exits from the church Oskolky in case of any emergency situation this could complicate evacuation of people. At the same time, when cooking Easter dishes, do not forget about proper use of fire in the kiln, gas and electric. In no case should leave them on for the period of absence. Do not leave children unattended OSdoused when the house smoked furnace, burning gas or candle. Do not use old and do not overload electrical grid. Follow the safety precautions to feast does not become a tragedy. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region