In Ternopil discussed urgent problems of medical industry

Current Affairs medical industry discussed during the meeting of the Chairman of the Ternopil Regional State Administration Stephen Barney Director of the Department of Health RSA Vladimir smoked, rector of Ternopil State Medical University. I.Ya.Horbachevskoho Michael Korda and vice-rector for scientific, educational and medical work of the university Stepan Zaporozhan. The meeting was held April 10 in RSA. According to Vladimir smoked, require prompt resolution of such problems: the creation of cardiac department at the University Hospital and angiograph acquisition and completion of repairsRegional Perinatal Center. Michael Korda stressed the importance of equipping University Hospital and conducting short-term courses for doctors to provide psychological assistance and rehabilitation ATO members and families of fallen soldiers. "To address these issues requires cooperation of the Department of Health Administration and honeyychnoho University "- Stephen drew Bar. - I, in turn, will lead negotiations with the Minister of Health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili and MPs from Ukraine to promote our region to resolve issues. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration