Chernivtsi region: a day in fires killed 2 people

During the last day in the Chernivtsi region were 5 fires, during which killed 2 people. Adv. Pashkivtsi Khotyn area on fire by burning dry grass in an open area. The fire spread to an area of ??300 square meters and threatened to spill over into the garden of one of the placesevyh residents. 55-year-old owner tried to extinguish the flame alone ’ i. At this time he became ill and lost consciousness. He rushed to the aid of neighbors, they put out the fire and help the man they could not. Another tragic case where a fire prematurely cut short human life occurred in the village. Davydivka Storozhynetsky area. Preliminary conclusions of the experts in fire management DSNS was smoking in bed local resident born in 1957. The woman lived in the house itself. The fire was noticed neighbors saw that a residential building out smoke. People will call the number 101. At the scene were sent to fire and rescue unitm. Storozhynets and local fire team with. Davydivka and. Banyliv Podgorny. Firefighters and fire was extinguished due to late notification of the fire to save the life of the owner of the house was impossible. Adv. Oak Storozhynetsky area on fire in outbuildings. At the time of detection of fire covered the entire building.Arriving on the scene, rescuers eliminated the fire. The fire destroyed outbuildings and VAZ-2101, which was inside. The cause and caused material damage currently being installed. Two fire last day were caused by burning dry grass in an open area. From the beginning, in the Chernivtsi region of guiltKLO 102 fires, during which killed 8 people. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region refers to the area residents to be extremely careful when dealing with fire and strictly comply with fire safety regulations. Pam ’ Note that prevent fire easier than to eliminate its consequences. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region