The police came with Easter goodies to dovhozhytelky Ternopil region

Easter eve Ternopil police officers came to the village of goodies Domamorych Ternopil region. This is where a pensioner living Julia Lukyanovna Grinchuk that in January this year marked the 105 anniversary -litniy. On a visit to dovhozhytelky Navidalysya her credentials to acting chief of Ternopil District Police Station Stepan Savka inspector regional police department Eugene Ivask, Ternopil district police station inspector Taras whip and representatives of district administration. Hostess with daughter gladly greeted guests. Despite advanced age, she recites poems by heart, reads molytvy gladly shared memories of his own. Pensioner experienced Austrian, Polish, German and Soviet occupation, but always wanted to live in an independent state. So now Julia Lukyanovna every day praying for peace and tranquility in our country. Police handed grandmother food, wished good health and centenary yuvilyartsithe welfare of the family. The woman said that the best gift for her is respect, honor and love of family. This, perhaps, is the secret of her longevity. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region