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Rivne region committed suicide 17-year-old

For unknown reasons, 17-year-old girl shortened own life. About 16 hours her body found in the attic of the building have. Schoolgirl left a suicide note. She was studying in 11th class in a school in the city of Dubno. Lived with his grandmother. Her mother lived with her stepfather would otherwiseudynku. According to my grandmother, Irina stepfather had friendly relations. April 9, everything was as usual, Irene went to school. During the lessons she behaved calmly, no clashes or conflicts with peers and teachers were not. She returned to school with her grandmother, and there was her mother. They were busy with the housework. Zohlyadilysya women after a while.About 16 hours have found it in the attic hung on the scarf. - During the inspection of the scene investigative team found a suicide note in which she apologizes to mother and says that spoils all life and useless - the head of Dubno MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region Leonid Mikhail. - She wrote more aboutsome conversation with his mother, who did not take place. Why so committed Irina will find out investigation. Initiation of criminal proceedings by prior legal qualifications of paragraph 1 of Article 115 (murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Oles Shevchenko, Dubno MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region