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In the Rivne region LETTER TO superiors churches and parishioners

April 12 marks the great religious festival – Resurrection of Christ. In these days of religious institutions visited by a large number of people. This fact requires both the clergy and parishioners from strict compliance with fire safety regulations, as often in ourstate during the events in church buildings due to careless handling of fire occurred fire. As a result of these fires, usually trees ‘ volved about design ‘ objects of ritual worship zhoryaly almost completely, which in turn, not only financially, but also morally injure people. Therefore, to avoid such cases, Main upravlinnya State Emergency Services in Rivne Ukraine appeals to superiors churches, temples and worshipers to comply with safety regulations during service at Easter. Dear superiors churches and temples! Keep in proper fire of premises and buildings, provide for the implementation of basicmeasures to prevent fires and emergencies during services at Easter. Please note primary means of fire security in places of public events (fire extinguishers, buckets of sand and water), additional briefings on fire safety compliance officerwe. Particular attention should be paid to the state of electrical equipment, heating systems, and installation location of candles. Also, please note the state of escape routes and emergency exits of the premises and buildings, during the events indoors to avoid cluttering them and hold free and open. Do not leave unattendedcandles indoors, try to avoid overloading of the network do not use temporary station grid, Do not lay mains surface combustible materials. Be careful with open fire. Place candles away from curtains, curtains and other flammable objects. During church services and sermons in neriod Passover population pay attention to safety rules of life. Dear parishioners! Be especially vigilant and cautious when using candles - holding candles in their hands, watch that the fire did not get on their own or other people's things that can catch fire instantly. Do not leave unattended church Atribe (lamps and candles) after service that cleaned home. This is one of the most common causes of fires during the celebration of Easter. Dear citizens! Saints were without embarrassing accidents, rescue of Rivne ask you to follow the rules of fire safety in religious institutions; Be careful during worship! In thelive all possible measures to prevent emergencies! In case of fire immediately call « 101 & raquo ;! Department DSNS in Rivne region