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Due to the Prosecutor's Office of Rivne State returned 26 hectares of agricultural land

of the prosecution in the court of Rivne forced leaders of the two private companies to return to state ownership land area of ??over 26 hectares. The prosecutor's audit revealed that between Rokytnivskyi district administrations and manufacturesupervisor enterprises signed contracts under which the latter were leased agricultural land, the cost of which is 163 thousand UAH. However, contrary to the requirements of the law of treaties and, since February 2014, the company systematically not paid rent for the land. Prosecutors RokytnivsDistrict who responded to the violation of the law, saying the Commercial Court of Rivne region in the public interest litigation on termination of leases of land and return them to the state-owned land. Prosecution Claims Court is satisfied in full. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office