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Chernihiv Region: overnight firefighters eliminated 20 fires that have arisen due to the burning of garbage and citizens dry vegetation

Despite warnings and preventive work of the rescue workers and environmentalists Chernihiv citizens continue to burn garbage and dry vegetation on private land and cottages. As a result,Only for the past 20 days firefighters eliminate fire from the above. The fire damaged structures 7 and passed about 70 ha. April 9 in the village. New Hurynivka Koryukovka area on the open area was a fire of dry vegetation. Its cause was the careless handling of fire in 52-year-old local resident who spalyuvav remains dry vegetation in their plots. Uncontrolled fire gusts of wind swept area of ??almost 15 hectares. Only through surgical intervention Koryukovka firefighters and forestry workers are not allowed the spread of fire 7 residential houses, buildings and household 4 forest. On the same day in the village of Grabow was IchnianskyAyon city. Shchors, p. Old Borovichi Shchors district and village. Lomanka Novgorod-Seversky District firefighters eliminate fire neekspluatuyemoho dwelling house and six auxiliary buildings. Their reason was careless citizens in the use of fire by burning dry vegetation. Rescuers State Service of Ukraine with extraordinaryytuatsiy again turning the population to comply with fire safety measures. Do not dilute the fire, do not throw cigarette butts or matches outstanding buildings nearby in the forest park areas, fields, meadows and roadsides. The consequences of such negligence can be unpredictable. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region