Chernigov: At lunchtime, a master class on the eve of Easter Egg Painting

staff Chernihiv City Centre of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth mastered the art of painting Easter eggs. Classes are held for colleagues leading specialist CHMTSSSSDM Alla Sirikit. "On the basis of our center took several classes of design Easter eggs. This Blvd.oh so exciting that we have the whole team decided to take part in the pre-holiday action "- says the center's director Tatyana Kuznetsova-Molodchaya. Traditionally painted eggs using a special tool - Easter eggs, pointed tip which is applied to the shell melted wax or paraffin. Painting himself too great, to be understoodvalue patterns and symbols that originate from pagan times, because of encoded content will depend on the wishes of the egg. Pysanky decided to give a sign of wealth, luck, happiness. Sincerely made Easter Easter Egg keep warm soul of who produced it. "Joint work - it's not only new knowledge and skills, but also prekrasna opportunity to closely rally the team. This prevention of burnout, which is especially important in this difficult social work ", - said participants of the master class. Department of Public Relations of the City Council