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Lviv: Be responsible - do not drive drunk!

It's no secret that the impact of alcohol on the body has negative consequences. Drinking significantly reduces attention and slows reaction rate capability about ’ objectively assess the situation. So, sitting n ’ yanymy drive, you endanger not only themselves but also others!Remember that for the control of alcohol, drugs or other ch ’ yaninnya provided considerable fine – from 3400 to 5950 UAH or administrative detention - seven to ten days. Violators may also be deprived of the right driving for a period of one to two years. For repeated throughout the year and managementvtomobilem drunk driver expects more severe punishment – deprivation of the right to drive vehicles two to three years (compensated seizure of the vehicle or without) or administrative arrest for a term of ten to n ’ fifteen days. Therefore, we urge drivers to be more responsible, disciplined and good faith dotrhyme traffic rules and under no circumstances to drive drunk! This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region