The principle of the polygraph showed students LvDUVS and city law enforcement polygraph

, also known as a lie detector, is a kind of psychophysiological equipment and essential tool when processing information psychologist. Senior investigator-criminalist in the critical matter of the investigation of crimes committed against life and health of individuals in SU Interior Ministrycountry in Lviv Oblast Police Major Alexander Tsyvinskyy came in LvDUVS to demonstrate to students-psychologists principle of the system and introduce the theory of its mechanism. Participation in the presentation took the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv Hladyuk Nicholas, his deputy Sergei Bogdanov, head of policem. Lviv Paul Garasym, other employees practical operational units of Lviv region, scientific and teaching staff of the Faculty of Psychology. Associate Professor of Applied Psychology Faculty, PhD, Associate Professor Vitaly Karpenko said: "Printing psychophysical research or expertise are crucial in many aspects of professionalfirst activity, particularly in law enforcement. For these experiments allow to get closer to the truth. In addition, we believe that such measures should be conducted openly. So we created a complex "Control 1" and "Control-2 cell." We have applied for a patent for invention and we hope that it will soon get. " AlexanderTsyvinskyy familiarized students with the history of the polygraph, said on its use in Ukraine and abroad. Also, the expert noted that this procedure only 40% are deserving of the device, the remaining 60% owned by a psychologist. Equally interesting was the research, which was conducted on-line. Namely, the guy in the next room took a polygraph test brehni. So he lied, students in the diagram could see how his body reacted, increased sweating, accelerated heartbeat and more. Cheating is always displayed on the emotional state, her facial expressions or gestures. It is important to notice details and provide accurate, error-free assessment of a given situation. This is especially true psyholohiv in law enforcement. Department of Public LvDUVS