Lviv honor the memory of hundreds of Heaven. Program

In February Ukraine marks the anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on Euromaidan, and commemorates the Heroes of Heaven hundred. On this occasion in Lviv held a series of events - a silent march "We will keep the faith" and flash-mob action "Candle of Memory" ecumenical memorial service and laying flowers. Also on sitehovan at the Lviv cemetery (right 67) will be raised the national flag of Ukraine, the press service of the Lviv City Council. In particular, Thursday, February 19, as part of honoring the city ’ memory of fighters for freedom and dignity Ukraine planned a silent march « We will keep faith & raquo ;, which will start at 13.00. During the procession pupils and studentska youth will be organized by the University of Lviv to the area before the city ’ Monument to Taras Shevchenko (pr. of Liberty). In the area of ??14.00 will also flash mob, whose members plan to decorate the design at the city ’ Monument personally made poppies. Point ’ Friday, February 20, at 19.00 in front of city ’ Monument to Taras Shevchenko (pr.Liberty) will host « Candle city ’ memory & raquo ;, which participants using icon-lamps with candles lay trident shape. &Laquo; action « Candle city ’ memory » is an outward expression of the unity of all Ukrainian and city ’ yattyu of fallen heroes hundreds of Heaven, who gave his life for us, and it changed us internally, mentallyoh and spiritually. Are invited to attend all lions ’ Yang and people of good will & raquo ;, – indicated in the management of domestic policy of Lviv City Council. Also, to commemorate the city ’ Memory Heavenly Heroes hundreds February 22 at 15.00 at the Lviv cemetery was honorable burials number 67 ecumenical memorial service will be held solemn reservoirReference flowers. For the first time in place of burial is raised the national flag of Ukraine. Earlier, raising and establishing national flag was at Yaniv cemetery near the Monument of Ukrainian Cossack riflemen, Lychakivsky cemetery near the city ’ Monument to the unknown soldier UPA (Field of Mars). Organized activities Lviv city counciland the Student Council and the city together with NGOs and about ’ unity, pupils and students' city. Told