In the Lviv region in Drohobych police welcomed pupils from boarding school Easter holidays

employees of the Office of the State Service to combat economic crime Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region visited Nahuyevytskoyi boarding school to welcome children from the Easter holidays. More than five employees inDEZBEZ Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region dealing with pupils Nahuyevytskoyi boarding school, where he studied nearly 120 orphans and children with visual impairments. April 8, police led by deputy head of the Interior Ministry GSBEP Ukraine in Lviv region Colonel Peter Polyevym visited sponsored and presented them with holiday gifts naskamy and sweets. In addition, the police talked to the director of the boarding school Igor Roskipom of school plans for the future. Law enforcement officials have promised to arrange for students boarding school trip to Lviv circus and zoo Medenytskoho. Last year the children have traveled to such excursions, now plans to make them law enforcementAnnually. Police Lviv always support children with special needs, because it is always easier to overcome problems when near a strong shoulder. CCA HUVMVS Ukraine in Lviv region the materials UDSBEZ Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region