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Carpathian police tracked down and returned to the minor fugitive boarding school to

searches night 14-year-old girl who voluntarily left the boarding school attracted almost all police departments. Fortunately, this time with Yunko happens no evil. About the disappearance Trust Tlumach boarding school thatIvano-Frankivsk, last night told the teacher institution. The woman is told that she disappeared after lunch. According to workers boarding pupil could go wherever she knows it probable seat of the unknown. To enable tracing in minor whole range search operations, into the disappearance girl with employeeslidchoho Police Department launched criminal proceedings on st.115 Criminal Code of Ukraine, - says head of Criminal Police Juvenile Ministry of Internal Affairs in Police Lt. Alla Lemchak. - The police searched minor during the night. It focuses all patrol outfits, personnel of regional and district offices of the criminalth police for children, district police officers and other employees of militia units. Law enforcement officials were checking stations, abandoned buildings, staircases rise buildings, industrial zones. The search is complicated by the fact that it was night time period. Hard work of police officers ended about five o'clock in the morning. Shortolitnyu found whole and undamaged at an apartment in Kalush. She returned to the children's boarding school, where she will continue the learning process. Meanwhile police conduct preventive conversations with the girl and find out all the reasons and circumstances deeds 14 year old girl. And, most importantly, that this night adventure got a happy ending.SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk