Transcarpathia, former village head to Mukachivschyni convicted of embezzlement and forgery

Mukachevo court, supporting the position of prosecutor, convicted of one of the former village heads have Mukachevo district of misappropriation, embezzlement or taking them through abuse of official positionvyschem and forgery (Part 1 st.366, Part 2 of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), and sentenced in the form of two years imprisonment with disqualification to hold office in state and local authorities for a period of eighteen months from deferred sentence. As informed Mukachevo district prosecutor Alexander Bratyuk, odnin of Ruralkyh heads Mukachevo district, being an official, local governments have used his authority and Brokers ’ associated with these opportunities in order to take advantage of the budget appropriation village council to pay a premium to the Local Government. Therefore, forged documents and clinched their personalim signed and sent for execution. The court properly examined the case and upheld the arguments of the prosecutor, finding officials guilty of the alleged crimes. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region