In the Zhytomyr region probably due to the burning of dry grass per day in a village fire destroyed 9 houses and 5-hectares of wasteland dead

April 9 at 15:05 on the item called ’ communications 13th State Fire and Rescue town of Malin was reported fire in the village of Nowa Huta. Upon arrival, call rescuers found burning a fewtrees ’ wooden houses. Wasting no time, experts DSNS immediately began to eliminate the fire. Within hours they've fought with flame ’ pits that because of the strong wind quickly spread. In addition stewing of the fire nadzvychaynyky also reflect light from nearby located houses. However, despite allefforts of firefighters, destroyed 9 houses, wasteland and 5 hectares of dry grass. Probably the fire was due to careless handling of fire during incineration in the cemetery, located near the village. Residents of Nova Huta, first they tried to cope with self-ignition. However, the fire quickly destroyed houses, one by one. AndOnly then, the villagers decided to inform rescue service « 101 & raquo ;. However, to save the building late challenge prevented the fire and that the houses were built of wood. Fortunately, as a result of accident no one was hurt. All circumstances are currently installed by specialists. In view of the fire situation in User Management DSNScountries in Zhytomyr Oblast warns people not to use open flame in windy conditions and comply with fire safety regulations, burn debris safely away from buildings and structures (preferably in the garden), under close supervision, and have ready the primary means of fire. Do not make a fire in windy conditions, the cells fireISHCH should obkopuvaty small earthen wall to prevent the spread of fire in dry grass. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region