In the Zhytomyr region alone trying to extinguish the fire, two women were burned body

April 9 at 17:14 on the item called ’ communication 6th State Fire and Rescue village of Brusilov was reported fire in the trees ’ yaniy outbuildings located on a street in the district center. To rescue « 101 » owner phoned a neighbor who noticed the fire. Arriving to place a call, firefighters found that the fire is completely covered the whole building. At a distance of about n ’ mint meters from the center of the fire lay unconscious elderly woman. It turned out to be 71-year-old owner of the building. Probably grandmother tried to extinguish the fire and independently, nadyhavshys acrid smoke from combustion products fainted. Rescuers immediately transferred into the hands of an old arrived on-call physicians. At this time the victim is in Brusilovsky District Central Hospital. The woman received burns 80 percent of the body-III levels, state of health ’ I am very serious. In turn nadzvychaynyky localizedfire at 17:25 and are completely eliminated at 17:35. The fire had destroyed only economic construction, residential building remained intact. The circumstances of the accident is currently installed by specialists. A similar incident occurred at 23:15 in the village Ivanopil Chudnovsky area. 55-year-old woman aroused your home stove and went to bed. I woke up she was onacrid smell of smoke and went to see what had happened. Going to the stove, she saw the burning chair that stood beside her, and the fire has spread to trees ’ volved doors and ceiling. The hostess tried to extinguish the fire on their own, but she did not succeed. Prubuli place to call firefighters found that the fire reached the roof,which was stored in the attic of hay. Through skillful actions DSNS fighters fire was localized at 23:35 and completely eliminated 2:30. Nadzvychaynyky prevented the spread of fire across the housing area. However, the fire destroyed the roof, 15 square meters floor and 1 ton of hay that was stored in the attic. The hostess also received minor burns body but from hospitaltion refused. Currently, experts established the cause of the fire and the amount of damage inflicted by fire and salvaged items. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region