In the Zhytomyr region on Easter State car goes to a stronger version of service

Road safety at places of worship April 11-13, will provide about 4500 police employee. During holidays significantly increased traffic flow and pedestrian traffic near churches and temples. To ensure safe peresuvReference road users, prevent the zatorovyh phenomena and, if necessary, to help citizens to duty these days involved the maximum number of personnel of the State. "Traffic police officers, in addition to supervision of road safety are available to assist people in need, to assist in choosing the route, theCCS etc - said Acting Head of the Department of the State of Ukraine Alexander Ershov. In order not to create problems with parking and traffic in general, in the big cities of Ukraine GAI encourages citizens to take advantage of opportunities for public transport. State car also turns to wateriyiv asking drivers to be extremely careful and cautious to comply strictly with the signals controllers, requirements of road signs, including temporarily set and not to park trucks in violation of the rules. Press Service of the Department Road traffic police Ukraine