Luck: "Environmental quarter" clubs in the city center "Sport for All"

Annually held in Lutsk city-wide campaign "Ecological quarter" and the month of equipping playgrounds "Sport for All - a common concern." With the onset of sunny spring days collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations of different ownership claimrystupyly to perform work on streamlining and improvement of their own and surrounding areas, ordering the facades of buildings. Joined-wide campaign "Ecological quarter" and the city center physical health "Sport for All", starting with ordering surrounding areas premises clubs in the community. Actively VZyalys useful help in cases of adults and children who spend their leisure time there. Thanks to the joint efforts of specialists center and children held sanitary clearance of debris, dry twigs and leaves last year. And on April 1, after inventory playgrounds in the community population, urban center splanuVav set of measures for improvement and began holding monthly "Sport for All - a common concern" in our city. Work will continue until the end of April and the goal is to improve conditions for physical training and leisure activities of different social and age groups in the community. Therefore call on all concerned Lutskto contribute to restore order in their local area and playing fields in the courts and subsequently monitor their health status and conservation street equipment. After that ordered many sites encourage physical training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. City center physical health districtaselennya "Sport for All" - (720 335) This was reported in Lutsk City Council