In Vinnytsia DSNS psychologists conduct preventive work of rescuers who served in the area of ??ATU

April 10 psychologists PG DSNS held diagnostic and preventive work with personnel rescue special unit of the Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region that involved or will be involved to the work conducted in the areaof TU. The purpose of the event was to identify signs of psychological stress and familiarization with the ways and methods of removing emotional stress after exposure to extreme conditions. First of all psychologists drew attention to the diagnosis of the primary signs of psychological maladjustment and depression. Separately soldiers investigation and search operations bulo recommended exercises that are intended to eliminate the negative effects of fatigue and nervous and emotional strain and lead to normal your mental and physical condition. Experts of psychological services used method of meditation visualization to relieve emotional stress and show different ways of overcoming the everydaysituations and problems. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region