Chernivtsi region, throughout the day, rescuers eliminated 4 fire

During the last day of fire-rescue units Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region went 4 times There were 3 of them appeared in Chernivtsi. Thus, on the street. Bow ’ Azarov Street. Rivne Regional Center burning dry grass in open territory Ryatuvalnyky who traveled to the scene, eliminated both the fire, not allowing further spread of fire. Also in the regional center there was a fire on the street. Stefanik, during which the fire had engulfed house. Rescuers State Fire and Rescue unit number 3 regional center once were aimed at eliminating fire. FightersDSNS the fire under control to the extent in which they found upon arrival. Later rescuers eliminated the danger, so was saved from destruction house. Flame ’ pits destroyed the roof, household items. There were no injuries. In addition, rescuers eliminated the wood fire that occurred in the village of jellyKitsmansky area. As the flame ’ I quickly spread, then there was a fire on the likelihood of rollover Nearby outbuildings. Fire and rescue units city Kitsman eliminated the fire that helped to keep outbuildings. The dead and injured in the fire there. Press Service of Ukraine UDSNS in Chernivtsi Oblastthose