Bukovina: 15-17.04 - DSNS employees will participate in the VI International medical forum "Innovations in Medicine - Health of the Nation"

From 15 to 17 April 2015, Kiev will host the VI International Medical Forum « Innovations in Medicine – Health ’ i nation » (Http://www.medforum.in.ua/) Participants: directors and leading compNAMS Ukraine beatniks institutions, professional associations, higher medical schools and academies of postgraduate education, representatives DSNS Ukraine, military doctors and volunteers. The program includes a free form scientific and practical activities, workshops, for study and training professionals that provide first aid in time toNennius, treatment of injuries received during the fighting, and medical and social rehabilitation of the military. There will also be workshops on tactical medicine according to international standards Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Coordinator: Ukrainian Council resuscitation (resustsytatsiyi) and emergency medical care. Location: CC « KievExpoPlaza » (Ukraine, m. Kyiv, vul. Salyutna 2-B).

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/