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In Ternopil Kremenetsky Svoboda delivered humanitarian aid, collected

party activists recently deputy Kremenetsko Council of the PA " Freedom " Oleg Rozhyk together with priests of the UOC-KP village Lishnya Kremenets Ternopil region visited the sister battalion of special purpose " & quot ;, January that roztashovaor near the front lines in the area Happiness, Trohizbenka Luhansk region. Svoboda also visited in silicon treatment center for children with cerebral palsy. Donbass brought Kremenets products, including potatoes and conservation, incidentally priority need, personal care products and military uniforms. Overall collected 22 tones necessary provisions. &Quot; eternally grateful Ukrainian defenders who were living wall in the way the Russian occupation and the cost of their lives and health to create the illusion of our peaceful life. Thanks to them, the front is fighting in eastern Ukraine, in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, rather than Kyiv or Lviv. We call continues Dr.opomahaty our soldiers all necessary. Army, supported by all the people is invincible & quot ;, - said Deputy District Council Kremenetsko svobodivets Oleg Rozhyk. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "